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Who are we and what can we offer?

Geeks Shield is an all-time available US-based technical support that provides you most useful tech solutions. Our clients remarked us as the most reliable Tech support providers.

We can fix almost any issue regarding almost all smart electronic devices like laptops, palmtops, Smartphone, smart lights, music systems, mp3 players, DVD players, Emails, Routers, Printers etc.

Anything with a microchip or a motherboard is within our service range and our customer feedbacks prove the fact that we have not disappointed anyone yet.

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Different Ways To Reach Geek Shields

We can provide you with remote access support for your issues to resolve at any hour and anywhere.

Geek shield welcome your queries and request for troubleshooting the device problem.
Contact us over the phone, email, or request callback- through the information provided below. Your query is taken by one of the dedicated experts of our team, who will be in touch with you instantly.

Talk to us

If you are looking to get your issue resolved with a personal touch, call us for support.

Phone: 1-877-773-5390 [toll free]

Timings: 8 AM to 1 AM (EST)

Availability: Monday to Sunday

Talk to experts directly without addressing Automated systems.

Chat and Email Support

Ask your question!

Chat Hours

Monday-Sunday: 10am-7pm(EST)

Email Us

You are invited to address all written inquiries to: support@geekshields.com

Book an Appointment

You may drop a message on our Contact page with your name, email address, phone number, query, and if you want- preferred time to contact.

You can also subscribe to win one time fix for free.

Why Choose Us

Where ever you Go, Our Support Services are with YOU!

1. Support for All Brands’ Product

Whether it’s your music player, computer, iPhone, android device, router, extender, Windows /Mac / Chrome operating system, email, anti-virus software, system’s network, or any other device with motherboard or microchip- get support for all.

2. Fix any problem, Anytime, Anywhere

Are you in the middle of an unknown road, traveling around the world, present at your workplace, or simply, at home- Geekshield professionals will help fix your issue- “Anyday, Anytime”. We assure to fix your technical glitches at that very moment else, you don’t pay the fee for services.

3. Complete US based Techs

Geekshield is a complete US based tech support for all smart electronic devices, which have internet connectivity. With easy access over the phone, chat, or email- we guarantee, you’ll have no issue understanding the troubleshooting instructions or the language of the technician.

4. Unlimited Support with One-Time Fee

Yes, you read it right! Now, if you want to get your iPhone, computer, music system, or any electronic device fixed (irrespective of the brand), get support for all with one-Time fee fix fix. Your paid support also includes all the software issues that may incur on your device. Our Support Plans.

5. Money Back Warranty

Known for troubleshooting 95% of user’s problems in a day across US and Canada, the Geekshield team is solely dedicated to providing the best client satisfactory services to anyhow. Confident of our quality support, we have introduced 30 days money back warranty* for all our clients.

Meet Our Team

Isabelle Wilson
Hello, my name is Isabelle Wilson and I am accountable for computer support team. The computer experts in my team can fix every software issue in your laptop, desktop, printers, & other concerning peripherals. So, feel free to get support anytime!
Kayden Cooper
Hi, Guys! I am Kayden Cooper- working with Geekshield Company. I handle the email technical support team. If you’ve trouble accessing your email account over the browser or in any application- ask my certified team experts to troubleshoot your issues.
Nova Cullen
Hi!! My name is Nova Cullen and I handle the expert GPS/Map Support team. Covering every aspect of GPS maps with respect to software and devices, you can contact our professionals to get solution against the problem (irrespective of the brand).
Chase Griffin
Hi there, I am Chase Griffin and working manager of technical support team. Our team can help you fix all issue concerning anti-virus, operating systems, routers, music systems, or any device that has a motherboard. So, reach us anytime from anywhere.

Our Process

Here’s Geek shield Starts Play

There are certain benefits that you can only avail with the Geek shield Support team. Know- when we can be helpful to you!

During Unsatisfied Support

If you are tired of useless troubleshooting instructions, talk to experienced experts- who resolve ample relating issues every day.


While Calls Go Unanswered

Valuing Customer’s time & money, we strive hard to answer each call. That’s why- we’re 24*7 available at other end of line.


When Tired of Call Hold

Annoyed with on-hold calls @customer service team of your product? Give a single ring & get real-time resolution for issues.

Discontinued products

When manufacturer doesn’t provide service for their gadgets or the product support is discontinued- you can rely on us.


Computer Clean-Up

Know & troubleshoot your PC slowing down problem with fast, secure, and efficient solution in minutes from Geek shield experts.


Money Back Guarantee

Get quality support for all products with microchip or motherboard in no time. Else, get your money back within 30 days.

Issues We Resolved