Antivirus not detecting virus- Problem Solved

Published On: April 30, 2019

Don’t panic- if your antivirus not detecting virus, Trojan, worms, or any other malicious software present on device.

As, the post below has everything that you need to know like reasons explaining the issue, symptoms that help you know the malware present, and solutions to effectively find and remove such malicious software from device.

So, now with no more fuss- let’s get started!

Antivirus not detecting virusSummary of Sections in Post:

Before you delve deeper in guide, have a glance at the following points- so, you can easily navigate through the post.

  1. Why Antivirus Can’t Detect Second Generation Malware, this section will help you know the reasons relating the problem so; you can easily prevent them in future.
  2. How to know if Malware is present on device, in case it absconds from the anti-virus software.
  3. How to make any Anti-virus programs detect malicious software like virus, Trojan, worms on a device.

With this easy and understandable division, hope you’ll find the guide useful.

Reasons explaining-why Anti-virus fail to detect Trojan virus?

Following stated causes may not come as a surprise for you, however, we still suggest to have a quick glance over the list-so, you don’t miss out any of them.

Outdated Virus Signature

All authorized and genuine anti-virus software release virus signature regularly. Now, as a user- if you forget or ignore to update this list of code signatures in your device then, the malware can work as a vulnerability of the system.

Bad/ Inactive Firewall

Old, obsolete, or inactive firewall will also allow malware to move freely on device.

Multiple Anti-virus programs

To add more security on device, if you’ve installed more than one anti-virus on same drive then, you are not only fooling yourself but the device as well- where it’s installed. Because, it would become easy for any virus software to escape these security walls.

Want to know-how? The, stay tuned! You’ll soon get your answer.

Free anti-virus

Obviously, your system gets vulnerable to many viruses- if you keep using free anti-virus program to detect all types of malware present on device. This is because free AV software doesn’t cover all the security parameters.

Corrupt Anti-Virus Program

When any spyware breaks anti-virus files on device, there’s no chance of malware getting detected by the installed security system.

Even after treating the causes, still, viruses cannot be detected by anti-virus then, find your solution further.

Signs of Virus on Device (When AV program can’t detect)

It’s good if you are able to notice any virus in device especially when your anti-virus program fails to do so. But what if they sleekly escape from your eyes?

We are saying this not to make you panic but understand the significance of signs stated below. So, if you don’t want to end up breaking your Windows/Mac/Android device due to some virus- then, always be alert on seeing the below signs:

Sign 1: Slow Performance

Corrupt software or programs like viruses, Trojan, and spyware continuously send information on motherboard, which can hog the processing power of your device. As a result, your device may start performing all functions slow than usual.

Sign 2: Excessive Program Crashing

Programs or apps on device may crash due to any XYZ reason. However, if this crashing action keeps on repeating at a regular interval (more than usual) that implies your device could have a Virus.

Sign 3: Device Memory is full despite low usage

After clearing most of the device and SD card memory, if you still get the message-“No space is available” then, sure short your device has infected files, which are hogging all the device memory.

Sign 4: Excessive Battery Drain

Like device memory, the virus on your software machine can also drain out a lot of energy from the device battery.

So, whenever- the battery of your device starts draining faster than usual- do check if there’s any malware present.

Sign 5: Unnecessary Adware pop-ups

Generally, the pop-ups on device are not malware. However, if the adware pop-up even after the browser is closed that could mean it’s the malware in form of pop-up that’s trying to modify, steal, or regulate the device.

Sign 6: Device Overheating

Out of many reasons for device getting overheated-malware infection is one! So, don’t forget to check for this cause.

Sign 7: Web homepage changes automatically

On opening your default browser- if you see some page other than your set homepage- Go to its settings. Then, under General tab – change the homepage (that you want to set).

Web homepage changes automaticallyNow, reboot your browser. This time, if you again find some other webpage then, it implies, there may be certain infected files in browser, which are mysteriously changing the settings without permission.

“After confirming the signs of Virus on device- what shall I do to remove the infection in case, my anti-virus not detecting virus?”

Do you have same query? Then, stay tuned to find your solution!

Is Trojan virus not detected by my antivirus?

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Solution for Antivirus not detecting virus on Windows/ Mac/ Android Device

Whether you own a desktop, laptop, or phone- there are majorly three ways to remove virus from the devices: One is using Device defender, second is via Malware Scan and Removal tool, and lastly through change in device Settings.

In case, you have already tried these aforestated methods to remove virus not found by anti-virus then, it’s time to try some more tough solutions.

Note: We have categorized the fixes based on device OS i.e. Windows, Mac, and Android. So, make your choice and follow the steps, accordingly.

In case your system is infected by Trojan we do suggest you to contact Trojan Removal support

Solution 1:- How to Remove Virus from Windows Device?

When your virus cannot be detected by antivirus and is non-removable, execute the following steps as follows:

Step 1: Enter Safe Mode

To prevent the virus from spreading further, firstly- disconnect your device from Internet.

Now, to load your PC in safe mode:

  1. Reboot your device by pressing power button and shit key altogether on keyboard.
  2. Next, from the full opened screen menu, choose Troubleshooting-> Advanced Options-> and then, Startup Settings.
  3. Press the restart button and wait unless the next screen with menu of numbered startup options appears.
  4. Choose Safe mode from the list and hit Enter.

windows safe mode

Step 2: Delete Temporary files

  1. Type Disk Cleanup option in windows start menu and hit Enter.
  2. Now, click OK button to remove all temporary & unnecessary files stored in device.

Note: The process may take several minutes to complete.

Step 3: Download malware scanners

After the above steps complete successfully, now run a scanner installed on device to remove all standard infections.

Tip: We recommend purchasing an anti-virus for device that covers all security parameters.

Step 4: Run a Scan with Anti-Virus Program

The process may take even hours to complete so, leave the device unless your process completes.

Next, after this step finishes, choose Delete option for all the infected files detected and displayed in catalogue.

Bad virus on computer not being picked up anti-virus?

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Solution 2:- Remote Virus Removal Support

If anti-virus not detecting virus even after trying the tougher solution stated above then, go to Antivirus Support for immediate and verified solution.

In case, you have paid a certain amount for any anti-virus program that’s giving you trouble now then, reach Anti-virus Support service for solution.

Our Security support services have so far resolved many type of virus, Trojans, malware, worms and backdoor threats.

Solution 3:- Steps to remove Virus from Mac:

The steps to remove malicious app from device and infected extensions from Mac browser are a little different.

You may follow them one-by-one to remove the virus from Mac device completely.

Remove Malicious App from Mac

For malware not detected by anti-virus in Mac device, follow the steps given below:

  1. Tap on Finder in menu bar and choose ‘Applications’ from the list in the left pane.
  2. From the next screen, scroll through the list and find any strange or infected app installed on your device.
  3. Right-click on the same and select ‘Move to Trash’ option.
  4. Finally, tap on ‘Empty trash’ button in dialog box and confirm the action.

Before proceeding, also remove the unwanted changes in device with following steps:

  1. Open System Preferences Window->tap on Profiles.
  2. Scroll down to search “AdminPrefs” from the list and tap on remove button.

After you’re done with these steps, it’s time to check and remove any infected files from browser as well.

Delete malicious extensions from Safari, Chrome, or Firefox

Following steps can help you in this regard:

  1. Open a browser window like Safari and go to Preferences from its menu.
  2. Click on General tab in opened window and check the set homepage.

Note: It must match with the one that you want to use as a startup page.

  1. Tap on Extensions tab now and scroll down the list to find any unknown or malicious extension.
  2. For any suspicious extension, click on Uninstall button on browser window.

Solution 4:- Get rid of Virus in Android Device:

If you have found malware like Virus, Trojan, or worms on your android phone then, simply follow the steps given below:

  1. To begin, open Phone settings->Apps and Notifications-> All Apps.
  2. Next, tap on App question to open its screen and choose Uninstall button.

Note: If uninstall button is grey out then, open and remove the same from Admin account.

  1. For admin access, open Settings-> Security & location-> Advanced-> Device admin apps.
  2. Then, from opened screen, tap on Uninstall button for that particular app.

If everything fails you can take help from Virus removal support team.

Alternative Way: Factory reset Phone

Prefer this solution-only in case, when removing such suspicious app(s) doesn’t resolve your problem. Now, to factory reset the phone:

  1. Open device settings and scroll down to tap on System-> then, Advanced
  2. Next, search for ‘Reset’ option and click on Erase all data to confirm the action.

Important: You will lose all your data with this action. In case, you don’t want to lose your information then, create a backup copy of same in some USB.

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