Computer wont boot windows 7- Let’s Troubleshoot

Published On: May 8, 2019

Troubled by ‘computer wont boot windows 7’ error message?

Then, read this complete article to get aware of causes which trigger ‘Windows 7 won’t start’ error. Along with it, find the relevant troubleshooting steps to fix each scenario relating ‘windows 7 won’t start up’ issue.

computer wont boot windowsWhat’s in here?

Following summary points will help you guide the path through the post.

  • User actions, which trigger the issue: Laptop won’t boot windows 7
  • Adequate meaning of Windows 7 won’t boot/load/ start.
  • Complete troubleshooting steps for PC not loading Windows 7

Note: We have also provided reasons under each troubleshooting situation. And, answers to some highly reported user’s questions.

When you may get Windows 7 won’t Boot Error?

You may encounter Windows 7 not loading error while:

  • Trying to install Windows OS on laptop/ computer.
  • Updating any network or other peripheral drivers

Other than this, your computer won’t turn on Windows 7, when:

  • You ignore to scan and remove any malware present in device.

Note: As, this ignorance strengthens malicious software to damage Boot Configuration Data settings.

  • There is an incorrect order of boot devices in BIOS.

For better comprehension, consider the example stated ahead. If floppy disk is kept above hard drive in priority list and there is a floppy disk in drive then, while booting your PC will display an error message.

  • The windows device has faulty hard drive data cables.
  • Hard driver gets damaged due to virus attack, read/ write errors, or certain power outages.
  • The inserted disc in CD/DVD drive gets stuck while the device is booting.
  • A new hard drive or any other hardware listed in Boot Process List is installed in computer or laptop.
  • BIOS update process is interrupted.

Now, as you are aware of all the possible situations when Win7 Won’t Boot so, let us now understand- what exactly isWindows 7 not loading error, why you face this error, and then- how you can troubleshoot it.

What do you mean by Windows 7 failed to boot error?

Computer won’t boot windows 7 is the error that generates from the BIOS of device. This error has different faces and can generate in any form based on the reason relating your system.

Whenever your Windows 7 won’t start, you may see a Blue death screen, PC reloading immediately after login, freeze window during device reboot, or system 32 error message during the Boot process.

Windows 7 won’t start up error is an automated system end issue that can occur even if you are using laptop or desktop.

Moving on the list of causes- bad power supply or hard driver, damaged cables or motherboard, and other software issues (explained in above section) are some of the main trouble-makers.

Don’t go anywhere- if windows won’t start because below are the answers to your trouble.

Solutions for Computer won’t boot Windows 7 error

Finally, after knowing the meaning of PC Not Booting Windows 7 issue, it’s time to get the error fixed.

This Troubleshooting guide further will help you with it as; it has some of the most known causes of Windows 7 not booting error along with useful tips on how to resolve them.

Before Troubleshooting windows 7 startup problems, do this:

  1. Remove any new external hardware attached to your computer/laptop/desktop like joystick, mobil, etc.

Note: This external hardware list doesn’t include mouse and keyboard.

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 key before the Windows logo appears on screen.
  2. From the Advanced Boot options menu list, choose Safe mode and press Enter.
  3. Now, open command prompt and type the following commands as given in sequence:
    chkdsk C: /r
    Hit Enter
    Next, type “sfc/scan now/offbootdir=c:\ /offwindir=c:\ windows” and hit enter.

Later, type exit and restart your computer.

Note: Type all commands without any inverted commas and “C:\” represents the drive where your Windows 7 is installed.

  1. If still computer not booting windows 7 then, enter the safe mode and open run window.
  2. Afterward, type ‘msconfig’ in the provided field to open services window.
  3. Then, navigate to Services or Startup tab and disable all the recently added software listed under this tab.
  4. If your ‘Computer won’t boot windows 7’ error is too rigid to get resolve then, again enter ‘Advanced’ boot options.
  5. And, choose ‘Last known good configuration (advanced) option from the list.
  6. Last but not least, run built-in antivirus scanner which can function outside Windows, even if you can’t boot into your computer. Remove any malware present and then, try to start windows 7 again.

After applying all the above steps, if you feel your problem is resolved then, no need to execute the next steps in list.

However, if you need further assistance then, try the following solutions cautiously.

Solution 1: Resolve Windows 7 does not start error (For Missing Boot MGR)

Why do you get BOOTMGR missing error?

Boot sector viruses, crashed hard disks, & failed windows update/ install are some of the reasons for BOOTMGR error. This error usually appears after Power on self-test process completes.

If this POST process finds RAM, peripheral devices or other hardware components on PC in non-working order, the error is going to appear after the POST process completes its routines.

Other than this, if your PC fails to load from any flash or hard drive, this error will automatically appear on your computer screen.

So, try below-defined solution one-by-one unless your error window fades away.

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Fix #1: Run bootrec.exe from CMD

‘bootrec.exe’ is an in-built troubleshooting tool. And, to access this software, here are your troubleshooting steps:

  1. Connect your Windows 7 install USB or disc with computer.
  2. Now, restart the device and boot the device connected.
  3. Press a key on your keyboard, when you see a message like: “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD”.
  4. Select time, keyboard method, and language. Later, pick Repair method from the available options.
  5. Choose drive C:/ (here, C: refers to your Windows installation drive) and click Next.
  6. Now, under System Recovery options, tap on command prompt and type the following command:
    bootrec /rebuildbcd
    bootrec /fixboot

Note: Press ENTER on keyboard after every command.

  1. Lastly, restart your device.

For error window still not resolving, try the next solutions in list.

Fix #2: Remove non-bootable discs

Make sure that no CDs, DVDs, floppy drive, or USB ports are occupied in computer.

This is because boot MGR otherwise-try to boot from one of these external devices that have a non-bootable media.

Fix #3: System Restore Process

Hope, System Restore method is enabled on your Windows. Because only then you’ll be able to implement these below-defined steps:

  1. Connect your Windows 7 bootable USB or disc in computer.
  2. Restart the device and boot from the connected hardware.
  3. Press any key when asked in form of message on computer’s black screen.
  4. Next, select your time and language to further choose Repair option.
  5. Later, select the drive in which you have installed windows and tap Next.
  6. Choose System restore from the box opened and follow on-screen instructions to complete the process.
  7. In the end, click on FINISH button to restore your computer to the earlier stage.

For immediate Windows 7 boot up assistance, you may reach online Support team for Windows 7.

Solution 2: Troubleshoot Windows 7 won’t boot during Disk Boot Failure

Why Disk Boot Failure message appears on screen?

The most common cause for this Windows 7 boot failure error is faulty data cables attached to PC. These hard drive data cables actually wear out with the time, if not changed timely.

Other than this, damaged hard drive and incorrect BIOS order may also stop your Windows 7 to boot properly.

Thus, fix all these aforestated issues before the problem trebles.


  1. Run an automated repair tool if installed on device to help you know any issue, if prevailing over your hard disk or RAM memory.
  2. Open command prompt from Safe mode, then run chkdsk in command prompt to scan the PC and restart your computer.
  3. Lastly, check the Boot order in Windows setup menu.

If there’s any change found in BIOS order, adjust the settings using up and down arrow.

For more detailed answer, refer to Solution 4 below.

Solution 3: In case, your BIOS gets corrupt for Windows 7

The BIOS corruption mainly happens when its settings are faulty. Therefore, if you want to get rid of this issue:

  1. Hold on power button of your PC for 5 seconds.
  2. Then, after an interval of 20 seconds, turn on the device and start pressing F2 key.

Note: To enter the setup menu on your computer, the input keys may vary. So, choose- accordingly!

  1. As soon, you enter the setup menu, go to default configuration option using up and down arrow keys.
  2. Finally, choose SAVE option and restart your PC.

Note: To save the default configuration, you may even press F10 on keyboard.

This is the easiest solution that can help you get rid of the windows 7 not loading error. In case, you feel that the error still persists on your computer’s screen then, you may even reach PC Support team for advanced help.

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Solution 4: Incorrect Boot Order found, after you tried Windows 7 Bootup

Still, computer won’t boot to BIOS? Check out this solution!

The error itself explain the cause so, without discussing much on the reasons, follow the instructions defined ahead.

  1. Power off your computer and then, press the power button at an interval of 10 seconds.
  2. Press Esc, Del, F2, F8, F10 or F12 key that lets you enter the BIOS.
  3. Next, navigate to boot tab and using up and down arrow keys change the order of bootable device. For instance, place Hard Drive at 1st
  4. After making changes as per your PC, save the settings and exit the window.
  5. Now, restart your PC and you may safely complete the Windows 7 boot up process in your computer.

When Computer Doesn’t Boot to Microsoft Windows 7,

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Solution 5: Fix System 32 error message displayed during Bootup

Why do you see “System 32 missing or corrupt” error on screen?

Most likely, when some new hardware or software changes are enforced in computer, it causes the issue. Besides this, the system 32 error is also known to occur because windows registry gets corrupt. And, the reason relating this corruption could be sudden power outage, virus attacks, disk write issues, or error in registry configuration (if done manually).

Are you looking forward to get rid of ‘windows failed to start’ error yourself?

If that’s a yes then, make sure you do not commit any mistake else, you’ll end up losing BIOS of your device.

In case, your Windows 7 stuck on starting, we suggest- if you are not good technically then, ask Windows Support team for assistance. Else, you may continue with the solutions given ahead:

  1. Create a backup of all recent system registry files in some external drive.
  2. Then, insert Windows 7 install hardware in PC and restart it.
  3. Press any key now, so as to begin the Windows 7 booting process.
  4. You need to press R, if you want to use Repair console.
  5. Type the password in the popped-up dialog box to open command prompt window.
  6. Now, type the commands as given below in sequence. And, make sure you hit ENTER after every command.

Refer the image below for command

fix System 32 error message displayed during BootupAfter all these commands successfully execute, type exit on the same command prompt screen.

  1. You may now also remove the Windows 7 install hardware.
  2. Finally, restart your computer.

Note: If computer allows Windows 7 to boot successfully then, you may backup all data and reinstall Windows again.

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Solution 6: Damaged MBR found during Windows 7 loading

Why does this happen?

Wondering- how MBR got damaged? Well, there are several reasons associated with this Windows 7 fail to boot error. However, there are two major causes, which surely damage the record on master boot drive. These include improper system shut down i.e., direct turn off from power button OR some malware attack on device- which overwrite the files on MBR and causes unbootable Windows 7 state.


If you get an error message relating master boot record, simply execute the steps as follows:

  1. Connect your Windows 7 install disc or USB with the computer.
  2. Turn off your PC and then, restart it again.
  3. Press F2 key to enter the boot device selection menu.
  4. Now, boot from the disc.
  5. Tap on Repair your computer option.
  6. At the system recovery screen then, select command prompt to type the terms as written:

Note: After typing each command, hit Enter on keyboard.

  1. Lastly, type ‘exit’ and reboot your device.

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