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Home wireless Network Support – About Us

Home Wireless network support services provide you 24×7 online support for all help you need for your wireless network.

Geek Shield technical support team is well qualified to handle all wireless network queries; they have passed a rigorous training program to qualify for becoming part of our support team. You can totally rely on them for getting all your issues fixed.

Whether you want assistance in setting up the wireless network or Wireless router or troubleshooting any technical errors. Just call us on our all-time open phone number: 1-877-773-5390 and we will assist you with the best solution in the minimum possible time.

If you have any doubt or query regarding wireless network setup or working, you are most welcomed to contact to our support team, so that they can give you a clear idea and can suggest what suits best to you.

Facing problem with your Wireless Home Network?

Contact us: 1-877-773-5390

Our Wireless Home Network Support service includes:

  • Wireless Network Setup.
  • Network Security help.
  • Wi-Fi connection support.
  • Troubleshooting slow speed internet.
  • Wireless Network Configuration support.
  • Wi-Fi Hotspot setup help.
  • Reset Router support.
  • Frequency setup help.
  • Instant help from tech advisors.
  • 24×7 online Home Wireless Network Support.

The Wireless home network support technicians will set up your home wireless network within a few minutes. You can call us before starting the job if you are a novice and feeling bit hesitant to start on your own.

For any other Wi-Fi related problem or wireless network related problem, feel free to contact us any time ignoring the clock. We don’t mind you calling us even in late hours. We work in shifts, thus are 24×7 open to help all our customers.

The Most common Wireless Network Troubles & their simple solutions

solve device connectivity issues

Device connectivity issues

While everything in the wireless network is running smoothly but a new device is not getting connected to it. Connect the device with the router via Ethernet cable if it accesses the internet then Restart your router once or Reset router if required. Ask help from home network support team.

slow internet speed issue

Slow internet speed Issue

Fed up of dead slow internet speed? Connect the laptop to the modem via cable and check if speed improves if not that your Internet connection is the problem. If it boosts up then your router needs to be diagnosed. We got all such issues covered, call us to help you.

WiFi disappearing issue

Wi-Fi disappearing Issue

Couldn’t find your network name in the available network list? Try to Reset your router and add the IP address & login info. Sometimes router reset at its own and doesn’t make to come back in the available network list. Get more assistance on this from our tech advisors.

Troubleshooting various Wireless Home Network issues

The wireless network is like radio, it works continuously but you have to set the right frequency to get an uninterrupted signal. The wireless home network support team assists you with every issue you face with your Wi-Fi connection. Whenever you get any wireless problem don’t panic, just fix it!! Here is a simple troubleshooting guide to some routine Wi-Fi glitches.

Wi-Fi not available in certain rooms

Try to place the router in central of your home instead of a corner of your house, so that you cover the maximum area of your home. It works on radio waves theory which reflects it will throw waves equally in all direction as a central point.

The connection drops suddenly

It might be because of the slow internet or your distance from the access point, One other wired possible reason is when you mom turn on Microwave or High voltage blender? Some routers, when set on 2.5GHz frequency, have trouble with this. Call the wireless home network support team to fix the issue.

No internet access

Restart your router once by unplugging from the power supply and giving it a rest of few minutes. Again plug it and restart it. Also, reset the router try connecting the laptop to the router via Ethernet cable if you get internet access then the router is the problem. Call the Wireless home network support team to get further help.

Not getting internet connection in your room?

Ask our technicians to help you, call at toll-free number: 1-877-773-5390