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Mac Tech Support – About us

Receive the out of the box Mac Tech Support services from our qualified team. We at Mac Tech support helpdesk follow a straightforward online support theory. That works round the clock to assist all our Mac users having some problems.

Geek Shield provide full technical assistance for any of your Apple Mac Device including MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, iCloud, iPhone, iPad, iTunes.

If your system is not working correctly or it seems to have met with some technical flaws, simply contact our Mac tech support technicians to get the issues fixed.

Our tech support services are not just limited to resolve the hardware related issues; we also provide 100% resolution to any Mac software application issues as well.

The Mac tech support phone number is always open, just dial the number and get directly connected to the Mac tech support guy.

Day night working Mac Tech support Number 1-877-773-5390.

Call our Mac Tech support team to get all Mac issues fixed.

Services Offered by Mac OS Tech Support team:

  • MacBook is performing slowly.
  • Any Virus or malicious attack.
  • Unable to install Mac OS X.
  • Airport router not connecting.
  • Unable to access Wi-Fi.
  • Recovering lost passwords.
  • MacBook Pro not turning ON.
  • Software compatibility issues.
  • Mac screen blackout.
  • Corrupted files or disc crashes.
  • Installation of drivers.
  • Safari web browser is not loading.

The online Mac tech support team is an expert in handling all such issues and many more. Online support services have made life easy for everyone.

You need not visit any technician shop or have to wait for him to visit your place. Simply contact the Mac tech support team by dialling their phone number 1-877-773-5390 and speak to the technicians.

Our remote technical support services provide top-notch assistance services. Moreover, they have enough latest infrastructures to fix the problem by taking access to your system without even moving an inch.

Most common Macbook problems & how to fix them.

Solutions From Mac Tech Support

Mac Tech support

Mac start-up Issues

Did Mac fail to boot properly? You might end up seeing a black screen or a grey one instead of getting your desktop view. Try to Boot the MacBook in Safe mode by long pressing “Shift” key. It may take a little longer to get you a login screen.

MAc is not connecting to internet

No Internet connection

Sometimes Mac doesn’t get connected to Wi-Fi; resulting in no internet connection. To fix the issue forget the network and try to set up new network connection as if you are doing it for the first time. Go to Network page and set up new network under advanced options.

Mac error blue screen

Blue Screen on startup

If you see a blue screen when starting up your Mac that means any of the startup items has become missing or incompatible with Mac OS. You can go for a hit and trial to find the problem child. Randomly remove the login item one by one and try to start again.

Troubleshooting Mac Os

The user may feel handicap when the system becomes unresponsive. Seeking help from Mac tech support team is always the best option. Following let’s check out few troubleshooting tips to common Mac OS systems.

Unresponsive apps

Nothing unusual, many times apps get frozen or slow and do not let you do anything further. These unresponsive apps need to be close down. Choose the "Force Quit Menu" or hit the "Command-Option-Escape" and choose "Force Quit” button to close these apps.

Mac is running slow

If you notice the spinning beach ball with shooted regularity, then it’s high time to check what is affecting the Mac OS speed. Open the "Activity Monitor" to check the CPU usage by each currently running app. For further help contact the Mac tech support team.

An app has been crashed

If you get a crash message; simply indicates the app has been corrupted or has become incompatible with your Mac Os. Each application has got its own preference file and these are vulnerable to get corrupted. Reset the preferences manually to get it LIVE again.

Safari is slow

To troubleshoot slow safari, the best way is to reset safari from scratch from its menu, reset everything. On the other hand, also check if internet settings are seated at the correct place in your system.

Got hit by Trojan Virus??
Trojan Virus Removal Support helpdesk is here to help.

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