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Outlook email support  – a Lifesaver

Most of the Outlook Email Support Experts are available during normal working hours. But what about those who work in odd hours?

Sometimes you work late at the night and get stuck with the software or the applications you are working with. The Outlook email support number  1-877-773-5390  is a day-night available customer support services.  This is a complete bliss for all Outlook email users at any hr. of the day.

The Geek Shield tech support guys are experienced enough to fix all your outlook email errors. The best part of calling at outlook email support phone number is; you get to talk to a real human expert. Our Outlook email support services do not run on pre-recorded support mechanism.

If you need to learn more on any feature of outlook email or want to get any critical error fixed, simply contact outlook email support team.

Outlook Email Support Phone Number 1-877-773-5390

Just give us a call at our toll-free number for immediate help.

What will you get at Outlook email Support?

  • Outlook email account Configuration
  • Troubleshooting & maintenance support.
  • Fix all general and critical errors
  • Recovering password or corrupt account.
  • Outlook email back-up and restore support.
  • The configuration of a single Account
  • Multiple outlooks account assistance.
  • Managing outlook email account settings help.
  • Technical support for server settings.
  • Outlook account’s security & privacy support.

Most common Outlook Email Problems

Solutions from outlook Support

learn if how to create outlook account

Creating Outlook Account

Not a rock big job but people sometimes face issues while creating a new account with Microsoft outlook. The issue might be with the email you are trying to register or with any other information required. Ask our Outlook experts to assist you.

fix if you cant send or receive emails

Can't Send, Receive Emails

We understand how frustrating the situation could be, getting errors while receiving or sending emails make anyone blank. There is ample no. of reasons causing this situation. Our experts will diagnose all possible reasons one by one to fix this problem.

troubleshooring outlook email sync issues

Outlook Email Sync Errors

Outlook email setup becomes problematic sometimes while you try to configure it on different devices or different operating systems. This is a core technical problem & needs an expert’s advice to get fixed. Contact outlook email support for quick fix.

Microsoft Outlook Email troubleshooting

Microsoft Outlook email troubleshooting is really interesting but only if you got a little techy brain. For a layman, it’s advisable to call the outlook email support phone number 1-877-773-5390 to get expert’s advice. Following lets gander over few troubleshooting tips to most common Outlook email problems.

Why my Outlook email is not loading?

There are so many reasons which could lead failure of loading your inbox. Check your internet connection, delete cookies and temporary files, and check with your browser settings. If nothing resolves the issues, contact outlook email support team.

What are IMPS server settings for Outlook Email?

Configuring Microsoft Outlook Email on any device and the operating system is quite easy: Incoming (IMAP) Server

  • Server address: imap-mail.outlook.com
  • Port:993
  • Encrypted Connection: SSL

Outgoing (SMTP) Server

  • Server address: smtp-mail.outlook.com
  • Port:25 (or 587 if 25 is blocked)
  • Authentication: Yes
  • Encrypted Connection: TLS

Username: complete outlook email id

Password: same outlook account.

Why am I unable to attach a file in outlook email?

Make sure the file size is not exceeding the maximum limit, a slow internet could also cause the problem, check file shouldn't be corrupted, check if you are attaching allowed file format only, Restart the outlook, if nothing works, call the outlook support number 877-773-5390

Network data acquiring:

If the device hasn’t been in use for a long time, the inbuilt data may be out of date. You have to choose “new location” from the menu to reset the machine.

Didn’t find your problem and its solution? For more help, contact the Outlook Email support, team

Call the toll-free Outlook Support Phone number 877-773-5390