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Privacy Policy

The Geek Shields Technical Support Team takes the responsibility for each and every matter concerning the privacy of the customer. Our administration, software support and technical support professionals will ask for only the information and data which is suitable, imperative, requisite and worthwhile to both the customer and the company. The collected information will only be used for development for customer services and future projects. Our company will keep your personal and confidential data and information with themselves and never convey it to any third party or company not connected with Geek Shields. The online resources and personal data of Greek Shields and its associated companies are secured with the help of SSL encryption to avoid any malicious threat the system is being constantly upgraded. That way it makes your financial transactions safe and without any risk.

Disclosure schemes registered under company

Private information and confidential data, as outlined in our policy, contain but are not restricted to our customer’s postal address, location, personal aspect, reliable information, and any relevant information which validate the identity of our consumer. Along with the above information, our company never shares the name, address, contact details of our customers which is clearly saved and encrypted among us.

We can offer complete assurance to your data which will stay secured, unchanged and classified to the top level of concealment. Entry to your personal information is only being given to you and someone approved by you.

Data Acquisition

The customers might need to share their personal data at the time of registration in order to benefit from our services. Safety and protection of your information will be kept confidentially by our company as it is our duty and we shall be held accountable for the protection and restoration of the information. All the essential information must have, however not limited to, your full name, address, location, email ID, contact number, Account number, bank name, expiry date and fax.

Terms and conditions: Individual data

Geek Shields Technical Team takes full legal responsibility to our customer’s information which will never be given to any outsider, third party, individual or company. Nevertheless, in special conditions we might need to do so, otherwise your approval is necessary. In those cases where we need to disclose your personal data are going to be followed by complete details and express clarification of subsequent points:

  • The info and data are made to communicate
  • The whys and wherefores of this revelation
  • Full information of the third party component obtaining your classified data.

In the event of legal affairs and court instructions and also the violation of terms and conditions along with legal rights according to the security guidelines of Geek Shields privacy policy, our company holds the right to impart each info for the purpose of taking legal steps.

Safety of the website

The website applies and integrates up-to-date, high-tech and modernized security algorithms to keep your information encrypted and classified. Sometimes extra security is provided with the installation of firewall to protect your data from any external agent.

The network trusted with the storage and process of info and data are going to be specified at a location with high security system and suitable access restriction is applied with utmost care.

Discrepancies and changes to any of client’s personal information will be forwarded to them immediately via electronic channels. Reaffirmation is provided before any modification of data takes place.