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We herein declare complete guiding principle for your consideration prior to your commitment to avail our services. A careful reading is necessary to be on familiar terms with the policies of our company to make an informed decision about availing our services. For any doubts and queries, it is recommendable to contact us for details before considering our services.

Subscription Fees

Our company introduces various types of subscription fees depending on the services you choose. There is a free trial run for 30 days before paying for a subscription. Though trial subscription is accountable to cancellation and termination before the last date and no additional hidden charges will be procured. Though subscribing to a paid service will require monthly charges if you want the continuation of the services. Additional fees are applicable whenever the client desires to avail the services outside of the agreement between the client and the company.

Payment Dispute

If any feedback occurs or any payment issue takes place from your payment channel i.e. the ATM card or bank you used, then your plans and consequent projects are subject to indefinite suspension without any prior notice. Any and every fees are to be paid in full amount, for your service and / or project to be continued. Reach out to us for the declaration of any billing issues.

Usage Rules

The payments you made for the earlier months are basically non-refundable. The client is allotted with a Geek Shields account and authorized a prearranged amount of online resources planned by the company, consisting but not restricted to server space and add-in services. Using the benefits is depended upon the client but not using a benefit that comes with client’s subscription plan is not going to facilitate the client with a refund and it has to be paid in full for any disruption. If the payment is due then the cancellation rules will take action after a specified period of the payment period. Although, payments made in advance for the services of the company can be opted for cancellation by the client within the contract termination date, in that case a refund will be awarded for the months left in the plan. For add-ins and other free products included in the contract made between the client and the company, the charge of the abovementioned products are accountable to be accustomed in the amount refunded.

The terms and conditions of the contract between company and customer are crucial when any question arises regarding refund due to cancellation/non-use of services.