Help Me! Remove Trojan Virus [Problem Solved]

Published On: May 21, 2019

Are you unable to remove Trojan virus from your device?

Do all methods of scanning and removing Trojan horses- that you know have failed to resolve your issue?

Well- don’t worry! As, the guide below has an answer to all questions concerning Trojan malware!

For more detail, refer the below section.

Remove Trojan VirusWhat’s included in the Post?

While navigating through the guide, you’ll find:

  • What is exactly Trojan horse and Backdoor Trojan?
  • Different Types of Trojan that infect your device
  • Signs of Trojan Malware on device
  • Troubleshooting steps to remove Trojan Horses from Windows/ Mac/ Laptop
  • Preventative Measures to avoid Trojan Entering the device

What is Trojan Virus exactly?

Trojan horse is a virus that is designed not to spread itself but create windows for other viruses and threats to enter your device. Initially, it pretends to be something useful, fun, or even helpful. However, the time you download or open it on your device as a file, it silently gets other malware that may either cause harm or steal some confidential information from your system.

In other cases, this malware can even pretend to be some software update, program, real application or anything that you would like to download on your device. In addition to it, this malicious software covers itself in a program that can easily be believed as some legitimate file.

As a result, it gets difficult to scan and delete Trojan without using an effective System and Network security software.

To know, more on this software access and benefit consult Anti-virus Support online.

Most Common Trojan Viruses Existing over the Web

Here’s the list of common Trojan malware that are designed with a specific target.

Aiming to steal, destroy, harm, or spread more malicious software in device- the list has all type of Trojans.

So, check the list and know- how can the Trojan viruses already present in your device can effect!


Type of Trojan Horse

Effects of Trojan Horse Viruses

Backdoor This malware gives complete access to hackers of the system. As a result, the malicious user can launch any program, send or receive any file over the system, and can even reboot the device at its own.
Trojan-Downloader It provides window to other malicious software over the Network to enter the device and install itself as an application program.
Trojan-Banker Trojan-Banker is one of the great threats as, it can steal all your bank details while you make any e-transaction on Internet.
Trojan-Mailfinder This malware robs your email address.
Trojan-Ransom One of the worst Trojans is Ransom as; it can modify the data at your end and even make it malfunction. And, the hackers will only remove the blockage lying in front of computer’s performance and your data- after you pay them.
Rootkit This virus hides all the files and objects that infect your system.
Trojan-GameThief Cyber criminals use this Trojan horse to steal the account information of users earning loads of cash through online gaming.
Trojan-IM As, the name suggests- this malware target messaging programs and steal your username and password.
Trojan-DDoS If you can see DoS (denial of service) message that implies this malware has entered your device. It actually sends request from infected computers or other multiple devices altogether. Thus, overloading the target address. To add on, it can affect both- the website and your device as well.
Exploit This is a code designed to attack the application software installed and running on your device.
Trojan-Dropper A kind of window to other malicious software, this Trojan virus is not easy to detect especially if you are using an outdated, weak, or free anti-virus version.


If you have any of these Trojan horses on your device then, you may ask the Trojan Removal Support team for immediate help.

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Signs of Trojan Viruses in Device

Want to confirm- if the malware on device is Trojan or something else?

Then, let’s help you down the way!

Sign 1: Weird Messages and Pop-ups

If you notice unusual pop-ups, advertisement, or message on your device showcasing that your device is infected then, it implies you have invited some fake anti-virus software onto your system.

Sign 2: Extremely Slow Computer

If you find your computer or any other Wi-Fi accessing device running too slow despite with one active application at present then, it must be some common Trojan virus that is using many resources to create this nuisance.

Sign 3: Slow or NO Internet Connection

If others are able to access the Internet at your place and it’s only you- who is facing the trouble then, besides checking Internet or router, also inspect your device. As, Trojan horse virus can control network on your device, reduce the available bandwidth, and make it impossible to access the Internet.

Sign 4: Unusable Applications

After applying all troubleshooting method, if the applications installed on your device aren’t working then, check them with your security tool. Besides this, if you can see that some of the programs are working while others simply, refuse to open then also, be sure with the system security.

Sign 5: Missing Data and Files

Trojan horse can manipulate, delete, or move your files all the way to a new place in your system.

So, if you can’t locate any specific file, or get a weird message that file can’t be opened, or finds the data as missing- then, it’s time for you to get alert!

Sign 6: Disabled Anti-Virus and Firewall

After opening your device like computer if- you have to enable anti-virus/firewall functions every time then, these are the clear symptoms of Trojan Viruses in your device.

Sign 7: Automatic Language Change

When your device language changes all of a sudden without your concern/ knowledge OR you see some strange activities running at your device end then, it’s a sign of common Trojan viruses in your system.

Sign 8: Computer Operating at Its Own

Your device seriously has some common viruses’ symptoms-if the emails are sent automatically from an Internet session of its own.

Note: These are some of the highly-reported symptoms by our customers. However, the signs that you see on your device for Trojan Virus may differ.

How to remove Trojan virus from windows 7/ 8/ 10?

When it comes to discarding any infected file like Trojan Virus from Windows 7, 8, or 10- follow the troubleshooting steps as follows:

  1. Open run window from start menu and type gpedit.msc in the provided field.
  2. From the local Group Policy Editor, scroll down to Computer configuration-> Administrative Templates-> System-> Removable Storage Access.
  3. Then, from the right-side of window, search and click on “Removable Disks: Deny Execute access” option.
  4. Choose Enabled radio button from the opened window and tap on Apply-> OK button.
  5. Next, open command prompt window and type “gpupdate/force” for the device system to eradicate all Trojan horse automatically from the computer.

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Alternative Procedure:

To get rid of Trojan Viruses, try the Windows Defender mechanism.

  1. Open Start menu and type Windows defender to find the option directly.
  2. Then, under Windows Defender Security Center, tap on top-left window corner to choose “Virus & threat protection.”
  3. Further, click on Advanced Scan button and choose ‘Full scan’ checkbox present near the top of opened window.
  4. Tap on Scan now button to confirm the action and wait unless the process completes.
  5. Likewise, later perform an offline scan as well.

Note: After completing each scan on device, remove the infected files found in reports.

Hope, the steps help you! In case, you are still in the middle of nowhere then, delve a little deeper.

What if Windows Defender can’t remove Trojan malware from device?

For this worst scenario, here are few more work around that can help you kill the Trojan virus present in device.

Perform Clean Boot

  1. Login Administrator account in your device and open run window.
  2. Then, type msconfig in the RUN field and choose services tab from the System configuration window.
  3. Check “Hide all Microsoft Services” box and click on Disable all button.
  4. Next, go to Startup tab and click on Open task manager link to confirm that all the actions have stopped.
  5. Now, reboot your device to bring the action into force.

Set Windows Defender Service as Automatic

  1. Open runs window and type services.msc in the field provided.
  2. Then, on the Services window, scroll down to Windows defender service and right click on it to choose Properties.
  3. Next, click on Start button and choose Automatic from the Status Type pulled down box.
  4. Click Apply to save changes.

Note: After the 100% success rate of this process, you may run Windows defender to remove Trojan virus from the device.

Other ways:

  1. Remove cache, history, and temporary files stored in the browser window as, they may sometime, become the storage place for the Trojan horse viruses.
  2. Run complete scan in Safe mode from the ‘Advanced boot’ options.
  3. Lastly, if nothing seems to work then, format the hard drive and reinstall your Windows.

You may ask Windows Support team for any sort of relating assistance.

How to remove Trojan virus using Command Prompt?

Unable to trust the results shown by your anti-virus software? Need 100% assured results?

Then, follow these three steps given below:

  1. Open command prompt from start menu.
  2. Then, type the following command, as given in the black screen of cmd:

attrib -h -r -s/s/d c:\*.*

Note: The ‘C’ refers to the drive that you want to scan.

  1. Wait patiently for the process to complete as, it may take more than 1hour sometimes.

How to remove Trojan virus from Android Phone?

If Android phone starts crashing every time you start up OR in case, you can’t download or run any application, most likely it’s a virus.

However, you need not worry because following tips will help you:

  1. Press and hold the power button of your android mobile unless you see the power menu.
  2. Now, hold the Power off option until you see the message-“Reboot to Safe Mode.”
  3. Click on OK button and wait patiently for the phone to reboot.
  4. Touch the watermark like button in the bottom-left corner of screen to enter the safe mode.
  5. Open Phone Settings-> Security-> Device Administrators and choose the infected app from the list.
  6. Then, click on Deactivate button when prompted.
  7. Finally, go to Settings-> Apps-> Downloaded-> and remove the malicious application.
  8. If still, Trojan horse prevails on your Android phone system then, factory reset the device.

This will surely remove the Trojan for once and all.

Note: However, you may lose all data on your phone. So, make sure to create a backup of all your important files, first.

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Online Trojan Virus Removal

After trying all the above steps, if you feel that your trouble still prevails then, click Virus Removal Support link for immediate solution online.

Our Security software services have so far removed Trojan horse, Worms, malware and backdoor threats from the devices of all our customers.

Tips to Avoid Trojan Viruses in future

You just can’t sit back after your device gets free from the Trojan horse. Because, it’s important to make it secure for any malicious software or users in upcoming time.

Some of the tips that you can follow in this regard, include:

Keep Device Updated to Remove Trojan Virus

Trojan horse or other viruses can infiltrate your device, if not upgraded periodically. Therefore, keep a weekly check on your device software updates.

Avoid Third-party Programs

Whether you want to download any software/ program / app OR do shopping online- always be aware of fake parties.

For better security, do all your activities and work from the official websites or the one with security feature.

Run Windows Defender Automatically

Keep your Windows Defender in running mode through SERVICES window. This will help remove Trojan horse like viruses from your device (like computer, android phones).

Last but not least, take necessary precautions so that the same trouble doesn’t arouse again.

Unable to kick out Trojan horse from device?

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