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Skype Support Helpdesk – Your First-aid in any Skype emergency

The Skype support helpdesk is your best alternative to the official Skype helpline number. Many a time, you might have heard about how difficult or time consuming it is to get connected with experts on official Skype phone number.

To provide ease to Skype customers, we created a team of Skype experts to provide full-time customer support. We operate as an independent 3rd party Skype support helpdesk.

Our dedicated Skype technicians will resolve all your problems in a best possible way. We provide 100% feasible and satisfactory solutions for all Skype related issues.

The Skype users are welcomed to contact us irrespective of their location and time zone. Geek Shield offer 24×7 Skype support services and can be contacted by calling at the Skype support phone number anytime and from anywhere. We are just a phone call away.

Unable to start Skype conference call? Or Mobile app not working?

Call 1-877-773-5390 to get everything fixed

Our Skype customer Support services includes:

  • 24/7 technicians availability.
  • Almost no waiting time.
  • Immediate resolution of Skype issues.
  • Assistance for conference calling.
  • Skype downloading Help.
  • Upgrading Skype support.
  • Help for frozen Skype app.
  • Password recovery or change help.
  • Compromised Skype account.
  • Settings and configurations help.

Skype is widely used because of its user-friendly interface and simple work mechanism for most advanced services. Yet user may face trouble with Skype at times.
Give us a chance to assist you, whenever you get stuck in some problem and feel helpless with Skype errors.

Our state of the art online Skype customer support services is known to provide for an instant resolution to all users.
The 24×7 operational Skype support phone number 1-877-773-5390 has multiple lines; to ensure cut down the waiting time and you will get assisted from a real human from the other end of the phone.

Few routine Skype problems & their solutions

Facing a problem with Sign-in problems, Suspended account, Calling problems, Problems with orders and payments? Contact Skype customer support number to fix skype issues.

cant install Skype call us

Skype Installation problem

Getting Installation failed Errors? Download Skype from the official website of Skype only. Once you download click the application file to start the installation process. The 3rd party downloading links may not have complete configuration files. Still not done, let us provide you online Skype support.

fix skype connectivity issues

Skype Connectivity problems

You might not be able to send or receive messages or calls when there are some connectivity problems. These could be due to slow internet or Skype server errors. You can’t resolve these issues, wait for better internet speed and only Skype can fix the server issues.

fix Skype poor call quality

Poor Skype call quality

Getting blur picture or voice is terrible? Skype is not the culprit for this problem you internet connection is. This issue is common in Wi-Fi connection in comparison to the broadband. Park your system close to the router or explore a place where you get strong connectivity.

Troubleshooting various Skype troubles

Having trouble with Skype? Despite its easy features and official support available, it becomes annoying to get the Skype issues fixed. Following the troubleshooting section will make you learn few tricks that you can use as first aid to various Skype issues.

Skype Cam is not working

If you don't see your picture in Skype or a black screen is there. Either there is not enough light in the room or your camera is not properly configured for Skype. Go to Skype settings, and check for camera settings underneath to adjust the camera.

Automatic updates for Skype

Enabling automatic updates for Skype will give you relief from doing a periodic job. Go to Tools> Options> Advanced Settings> Automatic Updates > Turn On this option. All set, you need not worry about checking and updating Skype manually now onwards.

Losing Skype credits

You never lose any credits lying in your Skype account but if you do not use these once in 180 days, Skype deactivates the credit and hides the credit info. In the virtual storage. To get these back; look for "Reactivate Credits" button and click it, to get to see your credits again.

Getting too many notifications

Are Skype notifications annoying? You got full control over what you want to be notified about Skype and what not. Go to Tools> Options> Notifications tab> Now check or uncheck the notifications options as per your preferences. To learn more on this contact the Skype support helpdesk.

Reach dedicated technicians to get Skype support services by calling Skype Customer

support phone number1-877-773-5390