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Incident Free Conditions:  The customer who fill the the form of appointment on the website can claim for one time fix at free of cost.  As we ‘re claiming a very first incident so if customer will try to use different information and that information belong s to existing then Geeksshield can cancel his/her services  agreement at any time and not liable to provide free incident technical support services.

Take a review of the terms and conditions of our company and its association with you as it is going to portray the nuances of a legally bound arrangement (hereby labelled “contract”) among the individual and/or business enterprise (herein called “consumer and/or client”) and Geek Shields (hereby declared “the company”).


The software and hardware technical support services are provided for the current versions as well as customers using old versions. The activation of our support team begins from the 30 days of the agreement. The type, level and scope of the support services are outlined in the customer’s package which is incorporated fully in the attachment.

Registration and usage conditions

The company’s multi-digital portal is open and we encourage our clients and consumers to take advantage of it. The options at the time of registration might not remain same every time and is available to change at any time. The variations and modifications will be intimated to the users via electronic medium and also included in the terms and conditions contract.

Our registration platforms are open for requisite clients. Single account holders can have multiple connections or multiple account holders can resolute to have one connection, in that case the consumer might need to connect with the Geek Shields directly. Verification process will end as smoothly as it can provide the customers select the appropriate subscription charges/offers.

Payment Terms

The plan you choose while registering will billed in advance and upon the terms being agreed mutually between you and Geek Shields.

Generally, following types of subscriptions are offered:

  • Free registration: Limited accessibility with short time span..
  • Paid subscription: Unrestricted functionalities without any time limit.
  • Special offers or discounts: Dependable on your chosen pack and charges.

Every aspect of the plans, functionalities and services offered for each and every account to be found on the webpage of the company for the client’s examination.

If such situation befalls where a customer’s subscription has to be terminated then notice will be forwarded in due time to our registered customer. Responses made from our customer’s side will be necessary but limited to a notice period. Without any duly reply from our client will result to end of the services after the given period of time. Our team is responsible to cut off the services minus reimbursement, if any discrepancies are found.

The company states the aforesaid terms and conditions to be official and non-negotiable until further notice and declares the previous terms and conditions to be null and invalid.