Zyxel Router Login not working | Problem accessing page

Published On: May 28, 2019

After several tries, Zyxel Router Login not working?

Can’t understand what is the cause of this error?

Are you looking around for the relevant fix to this Zyxel login Problem?

If it’s a yes for above-asked questions then, you are at the right place for its answer!

zyxel router login not workingThe troubleshooting guide below has solution for all users, who:

  • Can’t open Zyxel login webpage
  • 168.1.1 page isn’t working
  • Are unable to find or connect to Zyxel login
  • Can’t reach Zyxel access point configuration page
  • All are refused to access router login of Zyxel
  • Have problem in accessing Zyxel router’s admin interface

Where to Start?

If you can’t access the router settings of Zyxel then, you may start with the following basic troubleshooting:

  1. Check the LEDs of router and confirm none of them is switched OFF, blinking red or is of amber color.
  2. If you see any blinking LEDs, go for Zyxel router’s firmware update.
  3. However, if Zyxel router LEDs blink red then, check the Internet connection with your ISP first.

In case, you see all router LEDs in working condition then, check out some more solutions against “can’t connect to Zyxel login” error.

Troubleshoot Zyxel Router Login Problem

Stop pulling your hair as, there are several other reasons for router login Zyxel not launching. Through the following points, you can find those reasons while executing the solutions:

  1. Verify that all the cables connected to router, modem, and your wifi accessing device like computer are not worn out or broken.

Else, we suggest replacing them all immediately.

  1. Secondly, make sure that you aren’t typing wrong spellings while trying to visit Zyxel router login
  2. Also, be sure of the username and password that you are typing to sign in Zyxel router. Because, inaccurate information won’t allow accessing router login page in any case.
  3. Next, check for any VPNs or proxy server enabled on device. If found, disable them instantly.
  4. Also, scan your device and remove any malware present as, even they can stop you from accessing any page over the web.

If you have found any virus on device but failed to get rid of it, simply get to Virus removal service and find your solution.

  1. Try opening Zyxel router configuration page from different browser. If the login page loads then, customize your browser settings.
  2. Other than this, go to browser’s Settings-> Content-> Pop-up redirects section. And, check for the router IP address that isn’t working in the list. If found, remove it with a single click.

Note: You may even permanently turn off the pop-blocker on browser window.

  1. If you still can’t reach Zyxel’s access point of configuration page then, open command prompt and type ‘ipconfig/flushdns’ to clear the DNS cache easily in one Go!
  2. Lastly, if you have tried all the steps to sign in router but failed then, go for Zyxel router reset procedure.

No connection to Zyxel router login page?

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Still can’t access Zyxel Login webpage? – Here’s the Solution

After failed sign in of Zyxel router, it’s time to dig a little deeper in the solutions below:

Open Router login page with Default Gateway

Don’t know the IP address of your router?

Here are your steps to find one:

  1. All windows user, open command prompt and type the command: ipconfig/all.

Hit ENTER and scroll down the list to find the default gateway address.

  1. If you are a Mac user then, from Apple menu-> go to System Preferences-> choose Network-> Network port-> Status.

Note the value next to IP address label.

  1. Next, open any browser window in Windows or Mac device and type this IP address in the URL field.
  2. You will soon see the Zyxel router login page.

However, if still you cannot access Zyxel gateway address- try the next solution in queue.

Change Router’s IP from Manual to Automatic

For this:

  1. Open Network adapter settings in your device and tap on Change Adapter settings in left pane of window.
  2. Next, right-click on Network icon that you are trying to access and tap on Properties.
  3. Choose IPv4 from the list and click on Properties button.
  4. Select ‘Obtain IP address automatically’ radio button on the opened window and click on Apply button.

For login error in Zyxel router still prevailing, try another solution.

Repair Network

To get this procedure in action, you need following steps:

  1. Open Run window from Start menu and type ‘ncpa.cpl’ in the field provided.
  2. After you hit ENTER, right-click on the connection icon in another opened window to choose Diagnose option.
  3. Next, wait for the process to complete and later, follow-on screen instructions.

Note: In case, you are a Mac user- click on Apple icon-> System & Preferences option-> Network-> assist me-> Diagnostic to follow the same process that’s stated above for Windows.

Remote Router Login Support

If you cannot access Zyxel login using address then, go to Router Support for relevant and immediate solution.

Our remote support for router has so far resolved many issues concerning Zyxel router like wifi not connecting to Internet, wifi icon missing, Firmware update failed, security setup error etc.

Tips to Avoid Zyxel Router Sign in Trouble

The suggestions below are helpful, in case you are still struggling with the trouble.

So, we suggest checking them one-by-one with your device and see- if you were committing any mistake.

Note: The following tricks are also helpful in avoiding the router login error from re-occurring in near future.

  1. Assemble the Zyxel router properly. For instance, if there are any antennas available in the kit then, attach them with your main router device accurately.
  2. Next, adjust them between 300 and 450 angle for easy Internet access.
  3. Avoid placing any radio waves emitting device like microwave oven, cordless phones, and Bluetooth speakers near your Zyxel router.
  4. Do not keep your router near reflective material as well. This may include metal sheet.
  5. Make sure there are less of obstruction between your router and the wifi accessing device. This obstruction can even be in the form of walls.
  6. Last but not least, avoid keeping your Zyxel router in the dead zone or complete corner of the house.

Still cannot login to

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